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Valley Shores Residents,

Here are the notes from the Valley Shores HOA Board meeting conducted on the 6th of November 2023.  Additionally we are atttaching four documents received from the city of Valley zoning office informing us about the new sign for the Harbor Apts.  It illustrates the location of the

Date: Nov 6, 2023
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance: James Dean, Greg Harr, Gregg Englert, Tim Militti, Eric Gottuso
Fireworks, The Pines Golf Course Site Survey Gregg will meet with Eric Shoen (Ward Fireworks) this week to do a site survey at the Pines to determine if the Pines would provide a better launch location to enhance viewing for Valley Shore Residents. Challenges exist with the Golf Course as it would require areas of the course to be shut down for safety protocol during setup Gregg & Jimmy met with Eric and looked at the Pines with two potential sites for launch as well as our previous launch site.  Eric Shoen to perform some measurements and the provide quote for July 5th with the 6th as the rain date
Private Property Signs New No trespassing Signs are on the boat ramp lot
Valley Shores Sand Point Tim made some calls to determine eligibility/cost. If we select sand point as an option for possible irrigation of common areas it makes sense to install at the boat ramp first as it is a smaller scale to validate proof of concept Awaiting vendor response for capability, effectiveness and cost
Additional Ultrasonics Nebraska Lake Management will provide an estimate for a single ultrasonic to be installed in southern-most cove (Wesley’s residence)


Ultrasonics have been removed/cleaned and stored for the winter.  They will be returned to the lake in the early spring.
Lot 16 garage extension Homeowner submitted plans for an attached extension to their garage Board approved attached garage extension.  Structure meets covenants and was also approved by the city.
Establish Valley Shores Design Review Board Seek out neighbors with construction-type background to comprise the Design Review Board

Come up with a process to review house/landscaping plans that are submitted to the HOA Board

The Board plans to contact neighbors who have expertise in architecture, construction, and landscaping design to provide recommendation to the HOA board to approve, disapprove or change/modify submitted plans
2024 HOA Board Elections Gregg Englert is not seeking a second term

Greg Harr will seek a second term


Ballots and HOA Dues Notice review

Mail out in Late November


$100 discount for HOA dues for Bob & Mary Sindelar and Kyle Reit for hosting ultrasonics on their property


Russ Westergard excavated the boat ramp again this year

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please submit your name, short bio and skills/vision you would bring to the board.
Budget Review Greg H presented the budget expenses
Holiday Party Jimmy is looking into food options

Gregg is looking into entertainment options

If you have suggestions, please contact Jimmy or Gregg
Switch Pontoon Because the covenants do not permit jet boats, this action needs to be approved by a vote of homeowners. The board has arranged a follow-up demo in the spring to introduce the switch to more residents prior to requesting a vote
Fireworks Options 2024 Midwest Fireworks

-explained issues with low level fireworks

-could have a great show if we could get on the golf course

– available Friday July 5th

Wald Fireworks

-would also like to do show on golf course

-Need more room for bigger shells

-On-site visit in Oct

-available July 5 and 6th

Pete’s Pyrotechnics

-no date discussed, typically on the Sat before the 4th


The board still is considering all three vendors before locking down the date as well as the launch location


Board members are having discussions with The Pines to see if golf course property is an option for launch point


Decision will be made at Dec Board meeting

Valley Shores HOA Board                                                                                           
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joe Sedlacek

Members at Large                                                                                             
Stephanie Lewis
Tim Militti