Valley Shores Residents,

Date: Oct 2, 2023
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance: James Dean, Eric Gottuso, Greg Harr, Gregg Englert, Joel Sedlacek, Tim Militti Derek Obrien was also in attendance
Derek O’Brien 1. Derek, a previous HOA Board member, Informed the current board an agreement had been made with the city to restrict parking on one side of the street in front of the apartments. Previous HOA members spoke to previous mayor and city council when apartments were being built about concerns for parking.

2. Concerned with the low water level and typical Nebraska wind that there may be issues with taking boats out (pontoons in particular) with the new dock adjacent to the boat ramp lot

3. What is happening with the ramp lot? Waiting on bid for sprinkler system. Taking limestone and divide beach from grass this year.

4. Are HOA dues going to be raised? HOA dues are too cheap. Not much in a rainy-day fund.

5. SeaDoo Switch- would like to be part of the committee that looks at approval

6. Consider permitting150hp on all outboards to include pontoons

7. Decontamination Rules- need full-blown 2-page clarification/rules on how to clean each type of boat; need list of where to get hotsy power washers

8. Boat Sticker- permission to put lot sticker by NE state sticker

9. Issues with access to do beach work on his lot

1. Is parking on both sides of the street currently a problem in that area? Please notify the board your thoughts/observations, especially if you are a resident in that area.


2. Although the boat ramp lot is tight, it is an inside corner and with the low water just magnifies the lack of beach space but did not impact boats from being removed


3. Limestone flagstone to be installed to provide a barrier between the grass and beach area.  Researching sand point well as possible option for irrigation


4. No increase in dues planned for this year


5. SeaDoo switch demo was well attended and the boat could bridge a gap that may benefit the community.  Leisure Life Sports stated that they would bring a Switch back in the spring so more people could have an opportunity to see it in person.

6. The board will discuss boat limits and query residents at the next annual HOA meeting

7. Derek is working on standard operating procedures for decontamination of all types of boats

8.Boat decal requirement is required for all boats and location is uniform and absolute

9. Work with your neighbors to allow vehicles access adjacent lots for dredging etc if access in not possible on your property


Fireworks Options 2024 Midwest Fireworks

-explained issues with low level fireworks

-could have a great show if we could get on the golf course

– available Friday July 5th

Wald Fireworks

-would also like to do show on golf course

-Need more room for bigger shells

-On-site visit in Oct

-available July 5 and 6th

Pete’s Pyrotechnics – Current Vendor

-no date discussed, typically on the Sat before the 4th


The board still is considering all three vendors before locking down the date as well as the launch location


Board members are having discussions with The Pines to see if golf course property is an option for launch point


Decision will be made at Nov Board meeting

Buoy Removal and storage A lot of positive comments about their placement this year Buoys removed and cleaned for the season.  They will be reutilized next boating season
Repair private property signs on Boat Ramp Lot The signs have been completed and will be picked up and placed on the beach ramp lot
Valley Shores sand point -Need to be put out for multiple bids

-People who are responsible for digging the well, would take care of required permits and any additional paperwork

-If sand point pumps out less than 50 gal per hour, a permit is not needed

-If selected as the option a sand point could be installed first at the boat ramp lot

Tim Milliti continues to gather research and identify potential vendors
Fish Committee No plan for stocking or habitat this year
Additional Ultrasonics -Next year’s budget- single ultrasonic to be purchased and installed in southern-most cove


– Identify volunteer with AC to dock

-No chemicals were used during 2023 to combat algae


Mike and Tricia Wesley have agreed to locate the proposed new ultrasonic on their dock


Nebraska Lake Management contacted and will send an invoice to provide cost

2024 HOA Board Elections Gregg Englert and Greg Harr three-year term expires on Dec 31, 2023


-Gregg E. not seeking 2nd term (Current President)


Greg H. still to decide whether he will run for a second term (Current Treasurer)


Ballots and HOA dues notice to be mailed out in Nov

Valley Shores needs you!  Please, consider running for the board as it is worthwhile and rewarding experience.  Please contact a current board member if you are interested
Boat ramp lot rules Identify Closing time for swimming at boat ramp lot

-Received two opposing comments concerning restrictions

Sunrise to sunset
Boat Decals Letters sent to homeowners who have yet to comply with boat decal requirement. Those residents who fail to comply with decal requirements will have lake privileges suspended into 2024 boating season
Holiday Party January 13th at the Pines. Menu and possible entertainment still being discussed.  Please let the board know if you have suggestions or recommendations
Annual Meeting Late January-Early February 2024
Speed Limit The speed limit is 25 mph around the lake.  There are many children and pets that are at risk with speeding and distracted drivers
Ultrasonics have been Winterized The two ultrasonics have been removed from the lake and winterized for the season.  They will be placed back in the water in early spring

Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Stephanie Lewis