Valley Shores Residents,

Here are the HOA Board Meeting notes from Sept 2023:

Date: Sept 11, 2023
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Eric Gottuso, Greg Harr, Gregg Englert, Joel Sedlacek, Stephanie Lewis,

Resident and Fish Committee member, Gary Wasco was also in attendance.

Modifications to age restrictions for boat operators Any feedback about offering options for boaters who are 16 (with parents, after safety course and practice hours, no towing)

Current rules are 18 yrs. old with Nebraska boater safety course.


No feedback received to date.

HOA will bring up at annual board meeting for resident feedback.
Boat ramp lock New Bluetooth lock is working well.  The WIFI extender and bride does not work.  Temp PINs expire after 24 hours and are good for one use only.  HOA board members each have their own permanent codes and there is a master Code.


All non-current HOA board members will be asked to return old lock keys.

HOA sent an email to all residents to that have keys from the previous lock to recover those keys.
Dead trees on commons area Ground Builders quote was too high to replace dead trees in common areas.

James will check with Yano’s.


The board will work with vendor to replace warrantied trees and water as needed
Fireworks Eric will follow up on his vendor.

Greg E will call Wald Fireworks

Wald Fireworks contacted and awaiting estimate as well as availability for a possible date between 4-6 July 2024
New Buoy Joel- new solar lighted buoy purchased and installed. HOA board welcomes feedback from residents on any aspect of the buoys.
Repair/Install 2 private property signs on boat ramp lot Jimmy is working with vendor to on it.  Should be installed next week.   Will include “No Parking” on the signs. Replacement signs should be in place next week and will include “No Parking” verbiage
Obtaining water, possible well during low water Is a well feasible, effective and affordable. Table discussion until next meeting when Tim M. is in attendance to provide details from his research
Fish Committee Gregg spoke with Ryan Moss (fish committee lead) Discussed plan for stocking.  $3000 in budget for stocking, may not be needed.


Discussed electrifying the lake next to perform a fish survey to determine if more fish are needed.

Nebraska Lake Management estimated a fish survey to cost $1800.  Would not be performed until May/June 2024 if desired.
Additional Ultrasonics Will leave the budget for the lake maintenance the same as last year in case additional ultrasonics and/or treatment is needed. HOA Board is considering purchasing a 3rd ultrasonic to fine tune lake coverage.  Will work with Nebraska Lake Management who is the local dealer for devices
2024 HOA Board Elections Gregg E and Greg H three-year terms are due to expire Dec 31, 2023

Two open spots for next year.

Ballots and dues notices need to go out earlier this year.

Gregg E does not intend to seek re-election at the conclusion of his term.  Greg Harr has not decided his intent at this time.  Please contact a Board member if you like to consider serving on the HOA Board.  Terms are 3 years.
Boat Ramp Lot Rules Swimming Hours at the Boat Ramp was discussed Proposed no swimming after dusk to promote safety as well as nuisance to immediate boat ramp residents after hours
Boat Decals Boat decals must be permanently affixed to the boat at the starboard aft.  If the decal is not on, the boat will not be allowed on the lake in the Spring 2024 HOA will send letter to homeowners without properly display permanent decals.
Holiday Party January 13th at the Pines.  James will confirm with Mike. Gregg E is checking into a possible entertainment option.  If you have suggestions, please contact a Board Member
Concerns with vendors cleaning boats



Cleaning boat before lake re-entry

Vendors need to follow same rules as homeowners


All vendors are required to sign by NE State that they will follow rules. How do you make them prove it?

Vendors say they spray with muriatic acid and/or hot wash.

Make vendors sign new acknowledgement agreement annually.

HOA will put together a letter to have vendors sign annually that they will follow cleaning procedures before putting boats in the lake.
Boat size Decision on boat size, horsepower before annual meeting


Budget Changes for next year? No anticipated dues changes for next year
SeaDoo Switch Pontoon Are SeaDoo Switch pontoons an option for Valley Shores? Jimmy is working with Leisure Sports to set up a demo of the SeaDoo Switch.  If scheduled, residents will be notified of date/time, if they would like to participate
Boat Trailer Parking Boat Trailer parking restrictions restored During the dry summer months, the HOA board waived the restrictions for parking boat trailers in driveways as many residents were not able to use their boat lifts and were forced to put their boats in and out. At the conclusion of this boating season that restriction will be reinstated
Schedule removal of boat Only the HOA Board and Jim Taylor have the ability to unlock the boat ramp as we have purchased a new Bluetooth padlock Please coordinate at least 24 hours in advance with your HOA Board via phone or text. Or email the board at valleyshoreshoa@gmail .com. so the board can generate the require pin needed to unlock.  The board will leave the boat ramp unlocked during the next several weekends.   Board member phone numbers are located on the Valley Shores Website under contacts


Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Stephanie Lewis