Valley Shores Residents,

Here are the notes from the HOA Board Meeting held on 10 July 2023;


Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance: Eric Gottuso, Joel Sedlacek, Stephanie Lewis, Gregg Englert
Fireworks 2023 Received invoice from Peter’s Pyrotechnics.  Total: $12k Board is researching other vendors for 2024 to ensure we have the best show at the best price possible.  Soliciting info from other Lake HOAs to identify what vendors they use.  We are also looking at alternatives for launching the fireworks in our neighborhood to ensure best viewing
July 4th Celebration 2024 July 4th falls on Thursday.  Proposed fireworks date would be Saturday June 29th. Please let the Board know if you have suggestions for the fireworks day.  In the past we have had fireworks the Saturday prior to the 4th.  Also please provide ideas/ feedback for the no wake conditions.  Is 4 p.m. a good time to initiate no wake, should we continue with the entire holiday weekend and how would that look with the 4th on Thursday in 2024
20% Vinegar Product Confirmed with Rob Hofpar (Nebraska Lake Management) that this is a safe and effective way to treat weeds on or near your beaches Lowes, Menards, Home Depot and Ace offer products with that solution
Boat Decals The board discussed allowing alternate locations for decal placement The board voted to require that all boat decals are placed on the starboard aft.  If you have a decal that does not meet that standardized location, please contact Gregg for a new decal
New Ramp Padlock The board is researching new padlock options that would allow temporary pins to be issued to residents to unlock the gate. Two padlocks have been identified as potential options and both cost under $150.  Additional research is being done to see if either of these two locks meet our needs and which would be the best option
Fire Hydrants With the level of the lake at record low levels the HOA board reached out to the city to see if there were any scheduled hydrant flushing that we could take advantage of.  Last year one hydrant ran for several days.


City’s Response

“When it comes to using city water to fill a lake is not allowed by the state. You have to remember the water that comes out of the hydrants have chlorine in the water. You cannot put that into the lake because it is low or any other reason. The chlorine will kill the wildlife. So to answer your question no you cannot use city water to fill your lake. When it comes to fire hydrants the fire department cannot use them unless it is a fire or we give them permission. All city water is controlled by people service / city. Another reason is we can barely keep up with normal usage. “

Thank You Several Residents performed a cleanup of the Common Areas prior to the 4th of July Holiday.  Numerous bags of garbage were collected. Families from the following lots participated in the cleanup: Lot 1, Lot 14, Lot 33, Lot 60, Lot 61, Lot 62,Lot 94, Lot 95, Lot 127
Thank you Craig & Ginny Tylski and Dave Naumann performed a cleanup of Lot #82 that had become overcome with grasses and weeds Thank you so much for helping out our neighbor
Is a well an option to help maintain the lakes water level With the struggles, especially the last couple of years with drought like conditions, would a well solve our lake level issues.  Would it be effective and affordable? The board is going to reach out to local well drilling companies to answer those questions
Fish Committee Vacancy The board is looking for a volunteer to fill a vacancy on the fish committee as Todd & Benda Young are moving.  The fish committee oversees our fish stocking and fish habitat, working directly with Rob Hofpar from Nebraska Lake Management Additionally, they monitor the overall fish health of our lake to ensure the best fishing experience. Thank you, Todd, for all that you have done making Valley Shores a Great fishing lake.

Please reach out to one of your HOA Board members if you are interested in the vacant position.

Hydrofoil Request A resident has requested to utilize a hydrofoil on Valley Shores Lake The board is unfamiliar with hydrofoils and their capabilities.  We will research the hydrofoil and make a determination if it meets the restrictions for our lake
Garbage Conceal Request A resident has submitted a request to purchase/use a privacy screen to conceal his garbage/recycling cans outside his garage The board is researching to ensure the product meet standards
Free Library A resident has submitted a request to establish a small free community library in our neighborhood The full compliment of board members was not present to perform a vote, so we will be reviewing the request and informing the community with next months HOA meeting notes
The Harbor Apt  The board received a call from the Harbor Apt manager.  She had safety concerns with youth driving scooters and 4-wheelers through their parking lot which is private property. Please ensure your kids are following safety requirements when operating scooters and 4-wheelers and avoid the Harbor Parking Lot.
Fireworks Signs Please leave the fireworks signs in your yard The HOA board will pick them up and store them for future use
Next HOA Board Meeting The next board meeting will be held at Outer Limits on Aug 7th at 6:30 p.m.

Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Stephanie Lewis