Template Date: 6/5/23
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Welcome –   In attendance: James Dean, Eric Gottuso, Greg Harr, Gregg Englert, Tim Militti, Joel Sedlacek
Ski Boat Regs The rules for the horsepower for boats will be updated. Boat builders are not making smaller boats.


Suggested:  250hp


Suggested: Ski boat regs reviewed every 3 years- boat manufacturers change specs every few years


Issues are more related to speed limit.

Board members will speak with boat dealers to see what size boats are commonly manufactured/sold (top ten boat manufacturers) and their recommendations for size of boat for the size of Valley Shores Lake. They will use this to determine appropriate size and horsepower for updated boat regulations
Removal of boat CLARIFICATION:  If boat has been in another body of water, it must have hot pressure wash (Hotsy) THEN sit out for 14 days.


Need to provide receipt for hot pressure wash to have boat ramp unlocked.


If you don’t do the hot pressure wash, boat needs to stay out of the lake for 30 days


Because of the drought, boat owners may remove boat with board notification and approval.  The lake is at least 2.5 feet down and it is still early in the boating season








This will also allow residents to park their boats in their driveways beyond the current restriction to facilitate putting their boats in and taking them out if they are unable to use their boatlifts

Buoys Get 2 more buoys from Omaha Marine James will pick them up.  One to be positioned on the points at Lot 13 (Nelsons) and one at Lot 28 (Amdor).  The HOA Board will continue to monitor their effectiveness to determine if the buoys are properly placed and if more or fewer are needed.
Ultrasonic Devices Ultrasonic devices appear to be working

The clarity of the lake has improved. This is temporarily resulting in growth of seaweed.  Seaweed should reduce as lake temp gets warmer

Property owners should rake seaweed in the shallows of their beaches to reduce/eliminate unwanted seaweed
Updated lock for boat ramp Lock needs to be updated. Board members are looking into options for an electronic lock that will allow temporary pins/codes to be used to make it easier for residents to get their boats in and out of the lake while still allowing the HOA board to manage/oversee boat ramp access
4th of July James put a notification on Homeowners Facebook page for the parade/fireworks display which will be held on July 1st.


Board will do an email blast to share info and request donations for fireworks


Donors will get signs again this year for any donation


James will contact apartments to see if they will donate again this year


Board member will attend City Council meeting to request that the street to be blocked off for parade/fireworks show.


Board will reach out to Doug Egan for street barriers


The city needs to mow the empty lot for the fireworks.   HOA will donate $500 to the fire department for the mowing.


Board voted to approve purchasing first responder’s, meals at the food truck who participate in the parade, additionally will look into providing popsicles for kids at the conclusion of the parade again this year.










City Council Meeting held on Tuesday Jun 13th at 7 p.m.



The fee from our landscaping company is also $500 so the last several years we have utilized the city while then donating those funds to Valley.  In the past we have supported the Police Dog training as well as it’s housing.

Beach Appearance Please remove weeds and grasses from your beach area
Directory Please review the directory at valley-shores.com for accuracy. Please send any updates required to valleyshoreshoa@gmail.com