Valley Shores Residents,

With the continuing high costs, our typically Valley Shores Fireworks estimate has risen from our annual budgeted $9k to approximately $12k.  We are still waiting for the final estimate.  We would like to continue to have the best show possible, so we are attempting to offset any deficit through donations and are asking for your assistance.  If you enjoy watching the fireworks and avoiding the cost, hassle, responsibility and liability of setting off your own fireworks, please consider donating.  We are taking a page from other surrounding lake communities and plan on acknowledging those neighbors who have donated with a yard sign as well as adding their names to the Valley Shores website.  We will keep an updated dollar amount raised on the website as well.  If you would like you can also donate anonymously.   If you are interested, please contact one of the HOA Board Members.  Thank you.

Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Stephanie Lewis