Here are the notes from the HOA Board Meeting that was held on May 1st 2023.


Template Date: 5/1/23
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance: James Dean, Eric Gottuso, Greg Harr, Gregg Englert, Tim Militti, Joel Sedlacek
Mark Conrey

Mark Woodhead

ByLaws and Covenants


A group of homeowners led by Mark Conrey and Mark Woodhead have concerns about current HOA ByLaws.  They have submitted proposed ByLaw updates and attached discussion points that highlight their concerns


HOA ByLaw Discussion Points







The HOA board submitted proposed ByLaws to the HOA Lawyer.  His response is attached. 



HOA Board- Lawyer Responses Lawyer’s response to proposed ByLaw changes Jan 2023







Concern of HOA Board:  Getting 75% of homeowners to vote on changing the covenants. Participation is an issue.  Only had 48% of homeowners participate in vote for empty lot.


Patrick & Teresa Mejstrik/ Mikaela Sibley Capital Campaign for the new Firehouse


-New location is East of St. John’s Church

-Presented slide show (link) of building design

-Planning for growth- future of bringing on full-time firefighting staff- will be sleeping quarters.

-Firefighting Staff will still be volunteer for now. Creighton students currently used Valley Fire Dept for overnight training need to have training in the fire department and have to sleep on premises.

-New location to eliminates being stopped by the train- better access to all citizens of Valley

-Bond issue was passed for $7 mil.  Cost of construction has increased. Plans were scaled back but still need to raise $3M to cover increased cost. (Total cost now $10 mil)

-Strawhecker Nonprofit Services has been hired.  Mikaela lives in Valley and works for Strawhecker.

– There will be a variety of events and donation levels and opportunities

-Need volunteers from each of the lake communities.

Groundbreaking Ceremony-

Thurs, May 29th 5:00-7:00PM

(Gregg E will put flyer on HOA website and NextDoor.  James can put in on Facebook group as well)


Fundraising Gala-

Thurs, Sept 28th

A View at West Shores



18 Month Project starting in June 2023

VFD presentation

Fences -Need proposals/plans for 6ft fence.

-Homeowner plan for privacy panels presented. Needs to be “wall-style panels” not “fence-style panels.”  Must not impede neighbors’ views.  Board member will discuss with adjacent neighbor.

Boat Rules Requirements:

-Valley Shores Decal

-Proof of Insurance

-Valley Shores registration form

The board has determined it is not within their scope to require Nebraska State Registration
Member at Large Board voted and approved new Member at Large.  Volunteers for the open position were Cindy Mettlen, Jamie Kobbs, and Stephanie Lewis. Stephanie Lewis has been selected as the new Member at Large.  Thanks to all who volunteered to serve the community.
Sidewalk Project Some homeowners have sidewalks around the lake in disrepair (ie cracked, not level).  One homeowner asked if the board could coordinate a collective effort to get bids in attempt to lower the cost to the homeowners similar to the garbage contract. The board believes the individual Homeowner are responsible to maintain sidewalks on their property.
Gazebo Request The Board Member has contacted the homeowner to provide plans to ensure covenant compliance prior to approval
Boat Ramp Lot Treatment to eliminate spurs prior to food truck. Beach grass area has been treated for weeds and it should also reduce/eliminate sand spurs
Exterior  If homeowners are planning to change/add anything to the exterior of their home, (ie, landscaping, fence, pool etc,) they need to send plans for board approval. Please send inquiries and plans to the board at
Budget HOA Budget 5/1/23
Garbage Containers  In accordance with Valley Shores Covenants, paragraph 17, No garbage or trash can or container or fuel tank shall be permitted, except for pickup purposes.  Once garbage and recycling has been picked up on Mondays the garbage and recycling bins must be removed from your driveway until the following pickup date
Grass Clippings


Please do not blow lawn debris or snow into the street.  Valley City ordinance cited here prohibits it.

SECTION 2-128: LAWN DEBRIS, SNOW, GARBAGE, ETC. ON PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY, it shall be unlawful to throw, blow, place, discard, or sweep any weeds, grass, leaves, snow, dirt, paper, nails, pieces of glass, refuse, garbage, waste, rubbish or refuse matter of any kind onto any street, alley, park, or other public grounds or, without permission, upon the property of another person in the City. (Ord. No. 271, 8/13/91) (Am. Ord. Nos. 356, 12/10/96; 486, 2/10/04)
Here is the final food truck schedule for this summer.  Valley shores food trucks kick off later this month! All are welcome, and all trucks will be at the boat ramp lot again this summer and run from 5 to 7 p.m. with the exception of Saturday July 1, which will run from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. following the Fourth of July parade. Wednesday May 31 – The Cheese life Omaha & their new truck, Coffee and Cones


Thursday June 8 – H7 Eats


Monday June 12 – Greek To Me Food Truck and The Big O Sno


Tuesday June 20–     La Cabañita Taco Truck and Kona Ice of Three Rivers


Saturday July 1 – 402 BBQ and snow cones


Thursday July 6 – StreetSide Foods and Kona Ice of Three Rivers


Wednesday July 12 – H7 Eats and Big O Sno


Wednesday July 19 – Pim’s Thai Food Truck and Kona ice


Wednesday July 26 – The Cheese Life and Coffee and Cones


Tuesday August 1 – La Cabañita Taco Truck


Wednesday August 8 – Javi’s Tacos Omaha – Elkhorn and Kona ice


Wednesday August 16 – Pims Thai and Kona ice


Ultrasonic Devices The two ultrasonic devices purchased to control lake algae have been installed and are operational. They are being monitored 24/7 by Water IQ Technologies, as well as Rob Hofpar from Nebraska Lake Management and at least one HOA Board Member for on-line status






Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Stephanie Lewis