Here are the meeting notes from the HOA Board Meeting held on April 4th.

In attendance: James Dean, Eric Gottuso, Greg Harr, Gregg Englert, Tim Militti, Joel Sedlacek
Future Board meetings have been rescheduled to the first Monday of each month. Next Board meeting on 1 May @ 6:30 p.m. at Outer Limits
Board approved and ordered two ultrasonic devices to proactively control lake algae.  Devices to be installed late April or early May.  Two homeowners, Kyle Reit and Bob Sindelar, volunteered their docks for device installation. These two locations provide line of sight coverage between the two devices of the entire lake. We were able to secure a $300 discount per device so the unit cost is $6200 per device.


Questions about whether or not long extension cords could have a negative effect on the ultrasonic device over time.

The Board will check with Nebraska Lake Management to ensure the use of extension cords do not cause harm to the ultrasonic devices.  Additionally, we will try and lock down a definite installation date.
New Boat Rules- Board approved updated rules at last meeting focused on actions to limit zebra mussel introduction into the lake.


Lake members will need to acknowledge they have received and read the rules before given access to the boat ramp.

The Board will email the updated boat rules to all lake residents for their review.  Additionally, the Board will create a spreadsheet and request rules review/acknowledgement by lot number to receive decals required for SUPs, canoes, kayaks and to put boat/boats on the lake.
New Decals for watercraft- Pro Sign & Screening will provide an estimate for additional boat decals for lot numbers 1-99.  We will inquire about colors other than white to make them more noticeable.

Decals will required on canoes, kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)

Estimate for 800 decals (8 per lot) = $600.
Padlock for boat ramp- it is problematic and hard to lock.  Additionally, over time, key accountability is in question.  Do we rekey the current lock or purchase a new lock.  Options for combo locks.


HOA board members with access to keys: Gregg E. Joel S. James D, Tim M. Eric G. along with Jim Taylor and Joe Herman. Must have 48-hour notice to unlock the boat ramp.


Rob Holfpar, with Nebraska Lake Management will have a key as well to treat the lake if needed and install maintenance.


The Board will contact Carl Jarl to see cost of a new lock and our best option.







Must have decal affixed to the boat, proof of insurance and registration to put your boat in the water.


A Board member has observed in the past school students fishing in the lake.  DC West van observed in front of a couple different homes and students exiting van with fishing poles and fishing on homeowners’ docks.  Concerns with fishing gear as potential carrier for zebra mussels. If anyone has info please pass along to one of your board members.
Boat ramp lot improvements- committee needs a budget.


Once the budget is reconciled, the Board can propose options to the HOA.  A few options to consider are Sod, berm with landscaping and sprinkler system.  There are concerns whether water and electrical are available at that lot to supply the sprinkler system.

Member at Large Position Still Vacant and seeking applicants- Contact a HOA Board Member if interested.

Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti