Algaecide – Herbicide Proposals 2023Ultrasonic Proposal 2023

Valley Shores Residents,

Here are the notes from the HOA Board Meeting held on 14 March 2023:

Date: 3/14/23
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Gregg Englert, Tim Militti, Joel Sedlacek

Algae Treatment Options Rob Holfpar with Nebraska Lake Management- presented options to the HO board for algae treatments.


Current treatment is the use of algaecide (Cutrine Plus). 3-5 treatments per year prior to major holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) and to treat blooms as needed


-Herbicide Treatment (Reward) – to treat submersed aquatic plants


-Some area lakes use aeration systems in conjunction other treatment options.  It can push phosphorus up from the bottom and at least initially cause more blue-green algae blooms



Beneficial Bacteria




-Ultrasonic Devices to prevent/treat algae and are especially effective killing blue-green algae which is the predominant algae in our lake. Two homeowners would need to allow devices to run off electricity from their docks.  HOA would compensate those homeowners for additional electricity costs (Less than $100 per year)


-Initial start-up cost will be similar to what we are paying now per year for 2 devices (approx. $6500 per device).  If necessary, possible to add a 3rd device later.  Ultrasonic Devices have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and typically last 5-7 years.  Additional cost each year would be for any algaecide/bacteria to treat any blooms if they develop that the ultrasonic devices are unable to eliminate in a timely manner.  Would save costs over time as well as reduce/eliminate need for chemicals.

-There is money in the budget to pay for cost of Ultrasonic Devices

-Company can monitor if the device is working and can upload additional frequencies if needed. There may be additional costs for this service.








-If HOA decides to use Ultrasonic Devices, they would contract with Nebraska Lake Management.    Would supplement with algaecide treatment upon request by HOA to contend with any algae blooms if necessary.








Cutrine Plus is $2250 per treatment




$3200 per treatment


Expensive and would require multiple compressors and electricity around the lake


Pond Clear Pro/at least 2 pounds per acre (42.3 acres) or 3.4 buckets per month from May through September for a total of 17 buckets for the season.  For that quantity your cost would be $350 per bucket (MAP price is $499 per bucket). Total cost for 17 buckets would be $5950 plus 5.5% NE sales tax ($327.25). Total with tax is $6277.25.






Last year budgeted $14K for Lake Maintenance and $2500 for Fish Stocking

Ultrasonic DevicesTotal Estimated Cost: $15.5K









-Homeowners can contact Board Member to report algae blooms this summer.  The board will report to Nebraska Lake Management the presence of a bloom; however, an algaecide treatment would be scheduled a week out to allow the ultrasonic devices to eliminate the bloom.

Gregg Englert and Joel Sedlacek will attend the West Omaha Lakes Assn meeting on 28th of March.  Topic this month specifically covers algae control.  Ginger Cover rep will discuss their efforts/lessons learned to control algae, which include ultrasonic, aeration, bacteria and algaecide

Zebra Mussels Zebra mussels and invasive plant species are present in the Omaha area and are a grave danger to our lakes and property values.  It is up to our HOA’s to communicate the gravity of this danger to our residents and provide protocols that will prevent infestations.



– One potential mitigation to the zebra mussels would be to drain the Lake to eliminate mussels.  This is not feasible at Valley Shores. Another possible solution is to remove all hard surfaces (ie docks/boat lifts etc for one year.  Both of these drastic efforts highlight the importance of not introducing the Zebra Mussels into our lake.




-There are two local companies that can perform “Hotsy” process to boats before re-entry to the lake to ensure no zebra mussels are on the boat.

The HOA Board will post new rules for boats on the Valley Shores HOA website.  Rules are intended to prevent zebra mussel from entry into Valley Shores.

Important Note:  We have NO reason to believe that Zebra Mussels are currently present in Valley Shores















H2O Pressure Washing

Address: 2121 River Rd Dr, Waterloo, NE 68069

Phone: (402) 708-3331

JD’s Car Wash and Detailing

Address: 6070 N 261st Cir, Valley, NE 68064

Phone: (402) 359-2160




The HOA board is working to purchase additional lot stickers so that we can display them on all eligible boats, canoes, kayaks, and SUPs

Dues Options -Late dues continue to be an issue

-If not paid by Feb 1st, a $50 late fee is incurred.

-Certified letters are sent to homeowners to let them know HOA dues are late, late fee is incurred and if not paid, lien will be put on home.

-If payment is postmarked by Feb 1st, it will be considered on time.


The Board will look into options for electronic payments next year to make it easier for residents to pay on time

–  Venmo- can pay with credit card

– Bank options for electronic funds transfer


-Additionally, the HOA Board will put reminders on NextDoor, Valley Shores Facebook page and Website

Boat Ramp Lot -Donations/Fundraisers

-Sweat equity


– Grass/Sod- Sprinkler system

– Picnic tables

– Limestone dividers to separate the beach from the grassy area


-James will meet with the Boat Ramp Lot Committee in the next month to look at options.


-James will get two new “No Trespassing” signs made for the lot to replace the ones that blew away last fall

Bylaws A group of homeowners submitted their proposal for updated HOA Bylaws.  Our lawyer reviewed those proposed Bylaws and submitted comments The HOA board will send lawyer comments to the group.
Future HOA Meetings -Will be held at Outer Limits on second Tues of month at 6:30PM.

Valley Shores HOA Board
Gregg Englert
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Joel Sedlacek

Members at Large
Tim Militti