Valley Shores 2022 Financials

Valley Shores Residents,


Valley Shores HOA Meeting Notes – Dec 13 2022


Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Eric Gottuso, Greg Harr, Craig Millius, Gregg Englert, Tim Militti, Joel Sedlecek

Valley Shores HOA Dues Increase The HOA Board voted to approve a $50 annual due increase (not the $100 increase that was initially proposed) to meet the increased costs of services and inflation.  The garbage bill portion increased from $190 to $225 per household  

Lake Residents – $840

Golf Course Residents – $740

Every household is required to pay the full garbage due

Annual Dues and HOA Board Ballot Annual Due Invoice and Ballot will be mailed out NLT 23 Dec 2022.  Although the  due date is 31 Dec 2022,  the dues are not delinquent until 1 Feb 2023 Dues must be paid in order for your ballot to count
HOA Board Position Joel Sedlacek was the only volunteer for the HOA Board vacancy There will be a write-in option on the ballot
Ground Maintenance Contract The board negotiated a three year contract for lawn maintenance with Groundbuilders to help manage costs. The Board voted to approve the 3 year contract
Fireworks Budget The fireworks budget will remain the same for 2023 Donations again will be requested to offset any shortfall.  This year any donation will warrant a yard sign if requested.  This year’s Fireworks are scheduled for Saturday July 1st 2023.
Annual HOA Meeting Scheduled The board approved the Annual HOA meeting to be held  on 12 Feb from 1 – 2 p.m. at The Pines.  An agenda will be put out on the website prior to the meeting
Valley Shores Holiday Party James Dean has coordinated  with “The Pines” for this year’s Valley Shores Holiday party.  A chef has been hired to prepare this year’s meal. Jan 7 2023 @ The Pines, 

$75 per couple

RSVP and Pay  to Jimmy Dean or other HOA Board member NLT 31 Dec 2022

Nebraska Lake Management (NLM) NLM is providing alternate options for lake treatments to be considered due to last years number of  algae blooms  The Board will work with Nebraska Lake management to select the best option considering effectiveness and cost
Coyote Warning A large coyote has been observed devouring an adult goose on the beach at Lot # 27   If you have small pets or children be advised that he does not appear to be scared of humans
HOA Liability Insurance The board voted to approve an increase in liability insurance from $1M to $2M The increase will go into effect at the policy renewal which is June 2023.  Premium for $1M was $906.80, new premium for $2M is $1326.20
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Next Meeting: 1/3/2023

Valley Shores HOA Board
Craig Millius
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Gregg Englert

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Joe Sedlacek