New Trash Contract Jan 2023 -2026HOA Oct 2022 Financials

Date:  10/10/22 Template
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Welcome –   In attendance: James Dean, Tim Milltti, Greg Harr, Craig Millius, Greg Englert, Joel Sedlacek
John Batcher City Council Candidate Resides in Ginger Woods Has been a resident for 13 years Volunteers for Valley fire dept 2 children DC West -Want to keep Valley a great small town -Have to keep ahead of growth -Background in operations and finance -Limited small conservative government, forward thinking -Never been a lakes representative on city council, discussion about dividing town into wards and need a lake representative -Need for infrastructure, water main update/repair to keep up with growth -More retail south of 3M, -MD West One development expects 800,000 to 1 million people during 36 months when they are open – New fire department, $8 mil for 50-year building -Stillwater, no city approval as of yet for any structures -Falcon Business Park, Dentist office, Ace Hardware, C Mart -Valmont will continue to expand -Bringing in housing for 300 families, demand for affordable housing, school can’t handle the growth, nothing planned yet -Blue Water-15-year TIF money on each house, not for the development, bad deal for the city. None of the new developments have TIF money. -May have to throttle growth until infrastructure is set to handle new population Shell gas station – has been purchased and will reopen.  It will carry premium gasoline.  No current open date HOA Questions -Downtown development, many people have buildings and not doing anything, growth will go out to MD One and downtown will be left behind. J.B. – Tough conversations from city council regarding buildings, talk to other developers of small downtowns that are thriving and see how they were successful   -Valley Marine Storage- dilapidated, how do we require them to put up a privacy fence J.B.- Need to come from city council, appeal to the owner and have a dialogue.   -Entrances into the city of Valley are not appealing.  Has to be part of master plan.   -Make the road from the high school the main entrance to the town to avoid the railroad tracks J.B.- May not be feasible by high school.  May be better down by St. John’s   -EPA in regards to Valmont and ground water. Concerns that Valmont is treating the water correctly. Reports of black sludge in the drain J.B.- nothing recently in regards to the superfund site. Not aware of any issues.  Water is being treated Board was appreciative that he sought out to speak to the HOA board
Dead trees 30 days to remove the trees- Nov 15 Letter will be sent this week by registered mail Registered letter sent, no response from the homeowners at this time
Boat Ramp Lot -Committee met -Funds only for trees and grass -Additional revenue for dues- needs to be spent on something homeowners can see and enjoy -Tear up and reseed, add irrigation, berms with trees -Treat lot across the street for weeds
Raising Dues Proposal -Survey of dues for surrounding lake communities -Need to have reserve funds -Need to meet inflation costs -Proposing an additional $100 annually -Reassess in a year to determine if adjustmnents are warranted
Expenditures and Budget Water Bill – City of Valley has been charging without reading the meter at the main entrance.  We expect a large bill at the end of the year but it has been budgeted for. Cost will be going up. There is some room, $5000 for boat ramp lot EXPENDITURES & BUDGET attachments linked at the top of the post
Driveway replacement Are there any restrictions in the covenant for driveway materials, i.e., Cobblestone, stamped concrete? . Have the homeowner send plans/ picture of material for HOA board approval
Sea wall in the lake Not approved by covenants currently.  Could this help with beach erosion. Board will reach out to someone to educate on possible benefits of sea walls
Boat Ramp Boat ramp is open for homeowners to remove boats It appears that all boatowners that want to remove their boats for the season have done so
Insurance Quote to increase coverage primarily due to apartment complex.  Coverage is currently $1M ($900 annually).  Increases $2M ($1327 annually) and $5M ($3400 annually) for umbrella insurance.  Increase in cost, $2 mil is reasonable and sufficient. HOA Board approved increase in umbrella insurance to $2 mil
Trash Company Call in to trash company (Waste Connections of Nebraska) to extend our contract for favorable terms NEW TRASH Contract attachment linked at the top of the post Eric Gottuso renegotiated trash contract extending through 2026 which was due to expire at the end of 2023. His business savy negotiations will mean an only .40 cent increase a month in garbage pickup and $2.00 increase a month increase in recycling in a six year period.  Waste Connections initally was calling for an 8% increase in the third year which he was able to eliminate.  This is an incredible value especially when you consider todays inflatition.
Soil Treatment The last soil treatment and overseeding was completed on the North and East side of communities common areas. The boat ramp lamp was originally included, however with the planning committee suggestions for the boat ramp lot calling for sod and landscaping berms it was decided to hold off on that area until plans were submitted, agreed upon and completed
Next Meeting: 11/1/22