Valley Shores HOA Financials Sep 2022

Date: 8/6/22
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Tim Milltti, Greg Harr, Craig Millius, Greg Englert, Joel Sedlacek

John Batcher Candidate for city council. Would like to stop by HOA to introduce himself. He is also on the HOA Board of another lake in Valley. Will be invited to Oct HOA Board meeting for meet and greet
Lake Treatments $1300 over budget.  This season has been particular bad for persistent algae.  Bad odor, thick algae growth particularly on the windblown shores.  A second treatment was not recommended after 31 Aug treatment due to possible fish kill.  

Mass email/posting that there will not be another lake treatment

Ducks Phosphorus in duck feces contributes to algae.  A duck can defecate up to 96 times a day. Fecal matter contains phosphorous and nitrogen which fuels the growth of hazardous blue-green algae.  The duck population is at an all-time high.  Neighbors who are feeding the ducks are directly contributing to the algae growth.  Website posting and certified letter to violators to explain why it is illegal and that it is contributing to the algae problem of the lake.   Considering inviting Nebraska Parks and Rec representative to attend the January meeting to explain the law to the homeowners as well the negatives to feeding ducks. Put a restriction on feeding ducks and a fine.  It is illegal to feed ducks.  Bubblers need to be turned off in Nov as well.  Open water as a result of bubblers contribute to ducks not leaving as well as is a risk for ice skaters and ice fishermen.  The HOA can put in lake rules without changing covenants.  HOA will do a website posting and certified letter to violators


Budget Greg Harr gave updated budget numbers.  We should end up close to even.  Some bills from lawn maintenance are still out.


Increase the Board insurance from $1 mil to $2 mil.


Not much of a reserve fund for emergencies.


Need to cover the cost of inflation. Costs of services have gone up 10-15%.  Suggested increase of HOA dues to cover the cost of inflation of services.


Suggested capital item/campaign/activity fee for lake owners.  Better treatments for aerating (bubbler system) and algae treatment for the lake.  Any specific lake fees (ie annual boat fee) should be earmarked for the lake maintenance (not towards other expenses such as lawn service)

Budget attachment will be posted on the website with meeting notes



HOA will discuss insurance costs, coverage and deductibles with Pam, the insurance agent.



HOA will discuss possible revenue options next month

Trash service Some residents were exempted this year.  Beginning in Jan, all homeowners will have to participate.  No partial exemptions.  If homeowners choose an exemption, they will be responsible for hauling their own trash (no other trash services in the neighborhood.) Trash Contract has one year remaining.   HOA will explore getting an extension on trash service to continue to get the best possible product at the best price
Team Jack Foundation Questions about spending HOA money on a donation. Fairness and equity going forward HOA will post fundraiser info on the website for homeowners to consider. Team Jack Foundation fundraiser will be posted on the website
Dead trees HOA will send a certified letter notifying the homeowner that he needs to remove the dead trees by a specific date or HOA will remove them and charge the homeowner for the cost.
Boat operators Need to clear up rules on who is considered “immediate family” Homeowners, legal-aged children.   Homeowner must be on the boat or towed by the boat if driven by a guest who is not an immediate family member


Boating committee will review and HOA will post on website


Include a letter with lake rules sent with the bill for HOA dues each year.  Homeowners will be asked to sign the rules letter and return with HOA dues acknowledging receipt

Christmas Party James Dean is working on it.  The cost will go up to help cover the cost of upgraded food ($75 per couple).
Boats on driveway Board agreed to extend the 2-week driveway boat storage rule until further notice due to low lake levels.
Food Trucks Very well received. Nice job!  HOA discussed the possibility of scheduling every other week next summer. HOA will send out a mass email to thank Stephanie Lewis for all her work on the food trucks
Winter Games Might be fun to organize this winter.
Next HOA Board Meeting: Oct 4, 2022