Valley Shores Residents,

The HOA board is aware of the current Blue/Green algae bloom that is prevalent in different areas of the lake, especially those areas where the water is stagnant (ie coves) and the windblown side of Valley Shores.  The board has contacted Nebraska Lakes Management and they will be here either Wednesday or Thursday to treat the lake prior to the Labor Day Weekend.   Additionally several neighbors have inquired about the chemicals that Nebraska Lake Management uses to treat our lake and it’s safety especially for swimming and fishing after application.  Below is the General Information data concerning Cutrine Plus

[CUTRINE-PLUS] {or} [this product] is a liquid copper-based formulation containing etfianolamine chelating
agents to prevent the precipitation of copper with carbonates and bicarbonates in the water. [CUTRINE-PLUS]
{or} [this product] effectively controls a broad range of algae including; Planktonic (suspended) forms such as
the Cyanobacteria (Microcystis, Anabaena & Aphanizomenon), Green algae (Raphidocelis & Cosmarium)
Golden algae (Prymnesium parvum) and diatoms (Navicula & Fragilaria); Filamentous (mat-forming) forms
such as the Green Algae (Spirogyra, Cladophora, Ulothrix & Rhizoclonium) and Benthic (bottom-growing)
forms such as Chara and Nitella. [CUTRINE-PLUS] {or} [this product] has also been proven effective in
controlling the rooted aquatic plant, Hydrilla verticillata. Waters treated with [CUTRiNE-PLUS] {or} [this
product] may be used for swimming, fishing, further potable water treatment, livestock watering or irrigating turf, ornamental plants or crops after treatment. Cutrine Plus is safe to use in bodies of water used for drinking, swimming, and fishing when used according to the product label.

Thank you.


Valley Shores HOA Board 
Craig Millius
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Gregg Englert

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Joe Sedlacek