Valley Shores Residents,

Trash Service Update
Last week, a few of our neighbors placed some items outside of their trash
containers for pickup on Monday.  When trash collection was completed in our
neighborhood, all items that were not in the container, remained on the curb,
and were not picked up. The Board received calls on this matter and we want to
report back to the community what we need to do to avoid this problem in
the future.
Our garbage company, Waste Connections, formerly Papillion Sanitation, has a
new policy of only picking up garbage that is containerized.  The reason for
this policy is two-fold; first, is safety. As garbage collection is fully automated,
they do not want their drivers being out of their trucks to handle or pick up
trash. Second, with their new garbage trucks, the driver is unable to open the
rear of the trash truck to hand load garbage, hence, they do not want their
drivers to pick up and attempt to throw garbage in the top opening of the trash
truck. This is also an unsafe practice as outlined by the trash company.
With these policies in place by our garbage company, they have offered two
solutions to resolve picking up all of our garbage every week at every home.
First, if the homeowner rarely has garbage that doesn’t fit in either their
recycling or trash container, all they have to do is bundle their trash and put it
on top of the container on trash day. Do not put the extra garbage on the ground
next to the container, as it will not be picked up. Second, if you find
that you have your extra trash most weeks, Waste Connections will provide an
additional garbage can (limit of 2 normal trash containers/per home) to help
solve this problem. To order an additional (blue) garbage can, please call
Waste Connections at 402-721-7511.
Finally, if you require a pickup of garbage that is outside of these parameters,
contact Waste Connections and they will make a special pickup at your house
for a fee to the homeowner.

Valley Shores HOA Board
Craig Millius
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Gregg Englert

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Joe Sedlacek