Valley Shores HOA Financials Aug 2022

Date: 8/2/22
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Greg Harr, Eric Gottuso, Gregg Englert, Joel Sedlacek

Lake Algae Issues regarding our lake was the main topic of discussion.  Algae blooms have been more pronounced and frequent than in years past.  The Board is concerned that if blooms continue at current rate, additional lake treatments may exceed what was budgeted for the year. We have reduced the budget of the fish committee to facilitate  additional funds that may be required for algae treatments. Please contact on of your HOA board members if you notice any Algae Blooms.  Often these blooms start in the two middle coves or where there isn’t much wave action.  Minor flare-ups can often be resolved with some stirring it up type activity
Fish Stocking Fish budget has been reduced to $2000 this year The fish committee will still stock an additional 250 walleye, this fall and possibly add some additional PVC habitat. We would like the committee to create/provide a map of the current habitat structures to provide to all lakeside anglers
Lot 141 Lake Access When lake access was eliminated from Lot 142 (The Harbor at Valley Shores) it did not include the removal of Lake Access for Lot 141. The HOA Board plans to work on efforts that will allow Valley Shores Residents to vote on an initiative to eliminate Lake Access for Lot 141 as soon as possible.  It would more than likely require door to door contact to ensure that 70% approval
Boat Ramp Landscaping committee The Boat Ramp Landscaping Committee had their first meeting several weeks ago. There will be another meeting in the very near future to put pen to paper and come up with 3 or 4 ideas on ways to proceed with Lot improvements.  Does HOA have room in the existing budget? Jimmie Dean is coordinating the next Landscape Committee’s meeting. These ideas will be presented at the next Annual HOA meeting to get feedback on the direction that the homeowners would like to go. Some funds potentially available from the reduced negotiated Lawn Maintenance cost.  The HOA may consider fundraising similar to the fireworks effort  as a way to generate funds
Beach Property Please be respectful and don’t fish from or access your neighbor’s beach or dock without permission.
Dead trees Do not plant in common areas without prior HOA approval. Homeowners who planted trees that are dead in the common area  will be required to remove the dead trees HOA will contact homeowners to let them know they need to remove the dead trees.
Fertilizer and Herbicides Reminder, Do not use fertilizer that contains phosphate as it can contribute to algae in the lake.  Roundup may be used for weed control, however, only use Roundup as directed. Preferably in your yard and not on the beach. Scotts Fertilizer eliminated phosphate from their fertilizers several years ago.  When selecting fertilizers the first number represents the amount of nitrogen, 2nd number the amount of phosphate and 3rd number indicates the amount of potassium. Vinegar and water solution is an effective weed killer.
Insurance With the new apartments nearing completion, we are examining what if any measures we need to do to protect our community from any possible incident from our new neighbors. Hence, we will be speaking with our insurance company about any measures we might need to implement on our vacant lot to protect our community. No trespassing signs have been posted on the Boat Ramp Lot. Eric Gottuso is going to contact our insurance company to see what measures we must take to minimize liability.
Garbage Fee included in annual dues All homeowners are required to pay the full $190 garbage fee that is included in annual dues.  Lakeside residents currently pay $790 and Golf Course side residents pay $690. No pro-rated garbage fees (reduced) will be allowed/accepted
Fireworks Yard Signs  

Fireworks Donations Yard signs have been recovered from Valley Shore’s Residents


If you still have a fireworks donation yard sign, please reach out to one of the HOA Board members so they can reclaim it for possible reuse in the future.
Budget Greg Harr presented budget through Aug 2022  (See Attached Document)

-Based on last year’s expenditures

-Deposits for trees that have not been put in. (two lots effected) If homeowner refuses to put in tree, deposit goes back to the HOA

-Greg has received bank statements and budget is being reconciled mon.

Please click on the Valley Shore Financials 2022 PDF to see the attached document
Food truck Do not miss the opportunity to hang out with your neighbors at the Boat Ramp Lot and share some excellent cuisine.  Here is the food truck schedule for the remainder of the summer. One minor change; the BBQ truck scheduled for the 30th canceled so we have adjusted slightly and replaced them with The Corndog Company Omaha on Monday the 29.  Time is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  

Wed August 17: Cheese Life

Wed August 24: Hawks Pizza

Mon August 29: The Corndog Company

Yard Debris & Snow removal Please do not blow lawn debris or snow into the street.  Valley City ordinance cited below prohibits it.

SECTION 2-128: LAWN DEBRIS, SNOW, GARBAGE, ETC. ON PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY It shall be unlawful to throw, blow, place, discard, or sweep any weeds, grass, leaves, snow, dirt, paper, nails, pieces of glass, refuse, garbage, waste, rubbish or refuse matter of any kind onto any street, alley, park, or other public grounds or, without permission, upon the property of another person in the City. (Ord. No. 271, 8/13/91) (Am. Ord. Nos. 356, 12/10/96; 486, 2/10/04)

Yard debris blown into the street is an eyesore and snow blown into the street, especially after the street has been cleared can make navigating our streets difficult for vehicles that are lower to the ground.
Buoys  The two buoys have been in place since 17 June.  If you have feedback/suggestions please contact one of your HOA Board members
4th of July 2023 Reserve the date for Valley Shores 4th of July 2023 Valley Shores 4th of July Fireworks celebration will be held on Saturday July 1, 2023
Boating Observations Please follow the passenger limits on tubes and other towables and the boat itself.  Remember there must be seating available on the boat for persons you are pulling on towables.  We observe boats overloaded often. With the recent boating accident at Bennington Lake it is a timely reminder to safely boat and tow.
Beach Condition Please keep your beach free from grasses/weeds
Do Not Feed the Ducks Feeding the ducks is prohibited.  Waterfowl can easily become dependent on handouts. They become more aggressive and lose their wariness of humans. Excess nutrients in ponds caused by unnatural numbers of waterfowl droppings can result in water-quality problems such as summer algal blooms. And where waterfowl congregate to feed, E-coli counts can swell to levels that make the water unsuitable for swimming.
  Next Meeting: Sep 6 2022