Valley Shores Residents,

With the recent algae bloom, Valley Shores was treated by Nebraska Lake Management on Friday morning, the 22nd of July.  As a result, a large amount of dying algae was blown to the north and west sides of the lake where it was quite thick.  By Saturday morning the majority of that had dissapated just as Nebraska Lake Management rep (Rob) had predicted.  Unfortunately, it has reappeared, especially on the north and west sides of all coves.  After speaking with Rob Monday afternoon,  he suggested “stirring-it-up” as there are still active chemicals in the lake. An HOA board member spent some time driving around late Monday afternoon to try and stir up the more concentrated areas.  Nebraska Lake Management is hesitant to come out to retreat so quickly after the 22nd application and stated that the earliest that they would return to retreat would be Friday (29 July) or early the following week.  The HOA board will be in contact with Nebraska Lake Management the rest of the week to determine the best course of action going forward.  Thank you.

Valley Shores HOA Board
Craig Millius
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Gregg Englert

Members at Large
Tim Militti
Joel Sedlacek