Date: 6/7/22
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Tim Milltti, Greg Harr, Craig Millius, Gregg Englert, Joel Sedlacek

Fireworks Still awaiting the invoice from Evan at Peters Pyro. Likely will be $3000 more than last year. (Last year’s budget $9000).  Need total donations and names of donors to put on website We have received approval from Frank Krejci to launch fireworks from lot 141 again this year.  We will need to reach out to the city to request mowing the lot which is Frank’s requirement for lot usage
Valley Shores 4th of July Kids Parade Linsey Bellinger and others are organizing the parade again this year.  It is scheduled for the 2nd of July at10:30. The parade will begin at Eagle Circle and end at Heron Circle A meeting agenda has been requested for the upcoming Valley City council meeting this coming Tuesday evening, to request street closures for both the kiddie parade as well as the fireworks
Ramp Lot Sandspurs Ramp Lot was not treated.  Over seeding and treatment will be done this fall Contact Jason Porto to see what it will cost to treat/eliminate the sandspurs
Ramp Lot committee Committee will meet next week.  James Dean is waiting to hear back from committee members to coordinate meeting date. Does HOA have a budget?  $5000? Excess cash reserve from lawn service, lake maintenance.

-Lot needs to be self-sustaining

-Needs to be done in phases

No trespassing signs have been posted on the Boat Ramp Lot. Contact with Harbor Shores Valley Shores Apt manager has been made to ensure apt residents are aware ramp beach lot is private property
Fish Stocking $4000 request from Todd Young of the fish committee for stocking and maintenance/treatment/habitat

$2500 spent last year for stocking additional funds spent for new PVC habitat

$3500 in budget this year.  (Approved by HOA to be spent on fish stocking)

Is there some way to know how much needs to be stocked?  Difficult to maintain fish of this size, need to stock baitfish but results in smaller fish.

The HOA Board has requested Todd attend the next HOA Board meeting to explain how lake is stocked.
Dead trees Note to homeowners:  Do not plant anything in common areas without permission.

Homeowner who planted them needs to have dead trees removed.

HOA will contact him to let him know he needs to remove the dead trees.
Moles No moles observed, so it appears the pest control was successful.

Gophers detected on the ramp lot

HOA will reach out to pest control to determine course of action
Valley Shores Homeowners New Password Website password has been changed Craig will email homeowners to notify with new password


Request for addition to house Steve Hansen has requested addition to his house

-approval is pending on removal of 6 ft wood fence in accordance with the covenants.

-Addition must meet requirements for roof pitch

Craig will email homeowner

Fence to be removed and pitch meets Valley Shores 6/12 requirements – Addition has been approved by the Board

Prohibit the use of Round-up Banned in Europe due to associations with cancer

Restrictions on fertilization for homeowners, may need to restrict use of Round-up

Concerns about using around the lake

HOA will get alternatives for homeowners to use for weed killing
Budget Greg Harr presented budget through May 12, 2022

-Based on last year’s expenditures

-Deposits for trees that have not been put in. (two lots effected) If homeowner refuses to put in tree, deposit goes back to the HOA

-Greg will call bank to get bank statements to make sure budget is reconciled

Letter will go to homeowner to let them know they need to put in tree or deposit money will be returned to HOA
Signs for fireworks James Dean gave receipt for signs

Homeowners have responded well.  Many signs throughout the neighborhood

$2500 donated to date
Front entrance James Dean painted a portion of the front entrance sign.  Metal is rusted.  Blue looks good but James would like a new color to replace silver (bronze, gold?)

James got an estimate for entrance lights for $8000 which was too expensive

Bob Sindelar and James will find someone to bore under the road for the electricity and find group to do the lights themselves

Boats going in/out of the lake HOA Board opens the gate and checks to if  owners are taking boats into another body of water to ensure owners are adhering to the wait period upon return to prevent zebra mussels Concerns for lifejackets, kayaks, paddleboard as vessels for zebra mussels as well
Food truck Food trucks were notified they need to have permit

First food truck was a big hit

Hawks Pizza on week 2 was another success.

BBQ was another hit

Thai this coming week

Succession plan for HOA Question was raised on HOA Board positions when an officer resigns or his or her term ends HOA board will determine positions from elected board members
No Parking Signs We need to replace no parking signs that were initially installed on the common areas.  Post were too weak and signs were damaged during post removal.  New signs and post are needed.  There were approximately 12 signs James will pick up 8 posts. HOA will put up signs
Neighborhood Clean up HOA will organize a day to clean common areas Gregg Englert will organize and post on the website.
Reminder about chemicals Please do not add/apply any chemicals to the lake to remove sago pondweed as it could have adverse effects on the fish If there are at least 10 lots that are willing to pay $250 per lot, Nebraska Lake Management will apply herbicide to your area.  Please contact a board member if you are interested
Buoys  Buoys to be placed on a couple areas of lake to remind boaters of 50 ft distance from docks when traveling in excess of 5 mph

HOA will act on quickly

Two buoys have been purchased and we hope to have them in place before the 17th of June
Boat rules for 4th of July weekend HOA will post same rules as last year
Beach Property Please be respectful and don’t fish from your neighbor’s beach or dock without permission.  Please keep your beach free from grasses/weeds
Fish cleaning etiquette Please Do Not dispose of fish scraps in the lake after cleaning fish
Fish Limits Please adhere to fish daily and possession limits. All of the fish in Valley Shores are stocked using private donations and the Fish Fund.  Violations of the fish rules will result in a fine of $200 per offense
Next Meeting: July 5, 2022