Valley Shore Residents,

In an effort to keep residents better informed we are posting our meeting notes from our Monthly HOA Board Meetings.  The following minutes are from 4 May 2022.

Date: 5/4/2020
Topic/Person Notes Actions
Welcome –   In attendance:

James Dean, Tim Milltti, Greg Harr, Craig Millius, Eric Gottuso, Gregg Englert, Joel Sedlacek

4th of July Lots of response and people donating.  James is waiting on yard signs.  If donations go over $3000, money will be carried over for next year’s fireworks. Post updates with total amount raised and identify residents who have contributed on the Valley Shores Website. Once the signs have been completed, post in the yards of those who have contributed with their permission
Mole issue Critter guy came out and did poisoning for moles on out lots. Monitoring results for effectiveness
Food truck Message on regulations to follow City of Valley guidelines. Sent to Stephanie Lewis to ensure the vendors have permits, per Doug’s Eggen’s request.
Design Committee For boat ramp lot. James talked to Russ Westergaard and Scott Burke.  Russ suggested berms, boulders and bushes to start.  Ryan Hoops can haul boulders. Includes permanent No Trespassing sign. Need drawings for plans

Ask if Randy Bailey wants to be on the Design Committee. Linsey Bellinger volunteered to be on committee

Budget We are on target.  Biggest expenditure is mowing and fertilizing. Greg Harr will provide an update
Covenant Committee Discussion to make a change to the percentage of homeowners to change covenants.  Asked Ann Taylor to establish a committee.  Still need 75% of homeowners need to make the change now.  Suggestions of 55% or 65% of total residents to approve changes going forward.  Committee will probably need to go door to door to get votes. HOA Board does not feel that the votes are there to make any change if 75% is the requirement and not worth the time and effort.  Request Ann Taylor move forward with the committee to see suggestions that they can provide.
HOA Board representation Board discussed the efforts to continue to improve the comity between the lake and golf course residents. The Board is also committed to being more transparent to our community. Board composition currently 3 lake side residents and 2 golf course residents as board members.  Additionally, one member at large from the lakeside and one from the golf course
Board Minutes Positive responses to posting the board minutes on HOA websites. HOA Board will continue to post month HOA board meeting notes.
Solar Panels Covenants state no heating or cooling systems are allowed on the roof.  The homeowner request has been denied as per covenants. Does the HOA allow exceptions? This issue may come up often in the future. Suggest to homeowners to contact Ann Taylor to include in possible covenant changes.
Outside Lot 141 Sold Possibility of putting in townhomes on the lot 141.  Access would be through West Reichmuth Road.  Could they be part of the HOA?  Would it be beneficial to our subdivision?  The Valley Shores HOA Board will discuss with developer to determine if it is beneficial to the HOA to allow townhomes from Lot 141 to join our Association We need to secure permission to launch fireworks from lot 141 with Frank K. or the new owner and if not possible consider what are other options are.
Fence along State Street Need clean up along the fence line on the Northeast side of State Street Ask Doug Eggen to determine who is responsible.
Complaint homeowners not picking up after dogs Received complaints about cleanup and no leash of pet owners walking their dogs.  The HOA board will post a reminder on the website but does not believe this is a HOA board issue but would like to see it handled between neighbors. Will post reminders on website about leashing/cleaning up dogs.
New Sand Please DO NOT bring new sand to your beach, but dredge from the lake to level or replenish sand lost.
Trailer in driveway Received complaint about a trailer in a resident’s driveway for extended period of time exceeding covenants.  Need to notify the homeowner it needs to be moved.



Homeowner was notified and trailer has been removed from driveway.
Insurance provider consultation about signs for boat ramp lot Tim Milliti reached out to receive guidance on the no trespassing signage for boat ramp lot from our insurance company. He has not gotten a response. Tim intends to follow up with our insurance covenants.  Additionally, he contacted another insurance company to ensure that we are getting the best value for our coverage
Fishing  Some golf course homeowners have paid $100 fee to fish.  Need a way to identify them if they are fishing. Chantz Hanson Lot# 116

Theodore Paasch Lot#134

Fixed roof docks Several homeowners have requested the HOA Board approve non-enclosed, fixed roof docks as those seem to be increasing in popularity The HOA Board has approved non-enclosed, fixed roof docks
Monitoring speed limit on the lake 35 mph limit. Please drive responsibly and safely.  Boating privileges can be suspended for repeat offenders or boaters driving recklessly.
Balance Sheet Greg Harr was not aware that a balance sheet was necessary. Greg will take care of it now that tax season is over.
Private trees along State Street Trees on the northside common area have signs of winter kill. Continue to monitor to determine if they may need to be removed.
Spotlights on entrance. Illuminate the first 3 trees on each side of entrance and sign.  Paint sign as well.  There is power already there. James will research the cost.  The board will vote on it at the next meeting.
Valley Shores Website Password The HOA board will be requesting the Web Designer to change passwords for the Valley Shores Website The new password will be distributed to the residents once password has been updated
Tis the season Please remove Christmas lights if you still have them up.  If you are unable to remove, please reach out to one of your HOA board members.
Next Meeting:  June 6, 2022



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