Valley Shore Residents,

In an effort to keep residents better informed we are posting our meeting notes from our Monthly HOA Board Meetings.  The following minutes are from 5 Apr 2022.

Attendees:  Craig Millius, Jimmy Dean, Gregg Englert, Eric Gottuso, Joel Sedlacek (At Large Member), Tim Militti (At Large Member)

  • Lawn Bids: After reviewing 3 bids for our lawn service in the common areas, we awarded the business to our existing vendor, Ground Builders. Our decision was based on the quality of their work along with a approximate $10K reduction in our prior year cost for this service.
  • Updating Covenants: The Board is sympathetic at updating or modifying the original Valley Shores covenants. The first step is to create a committee to tackle this issue and we are looking for volunteers to join this committee. Equally important, is reducing the vote threshold of the community from 75% to 55 % to effectively make any change to the covenants. Failure to successfully reduce the vote threshold to 55% makes any change to the covenants virtually impossible, and wastes the time of both the committee and the Board to make any positive changes to our existing covenants. 
  • Possible New Committees: Jimmy Dean has begun creating a Design Committee to address the empty boat ramp lot and what to do with it.   Also, initial discussions have begun to create a Holiday party committee to enhance the experience, and increase participation for our Annual Christmas Party.  We are asking for volunteers that would like to be part of the committee to please contact a HOA board member to join.
  • Fireworks: Due to inflation, the cost of putting on our annual fireworks display has gone from $9k to approximately $12k. To fill this shortfall, we have decided to go to our neighbors and ask them if they would voluntarily contribute to this cause. Those individuals that donate $50 or more to this cause will be given a lawn sign acknowledging their contribution. The Board would like to keep our fireworks display first class.
  • Valley Shores Insurance: The Board is currently reviewing it’s liability insurance to determine whether we are adequately covered.   Additionally, we will also be soliciting the insurance company for signage content and placement on the Boat Ramp Lot.
  • Boat Ramp: We are moving forward with our spring boat ramp maintenance. The boat ramp was cleaned out on Sunday, April 10.  As for Boat ramp access this Spring, please follow the guidelines posted on the Valley Shores website.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: The children’s Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled on April 16, at 11;00 am.  We are also asking those participating in the Easter Egg Hunt to bring some can goods for the Valley Food Pantry. We also want to thank Ashley Kunes & Marty Sehn for their efforts in heading up the Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Mole Eradication: We have a serious problem with moles on the common area that boarders State Street. Our Board is committed to maintaining our common areas and we have awarded the business to the company that has also helped us remove the ducks from our lake. Treatment to eliminate our mole problem has been delayed due to cool temperatures to the week of the 18th – 22nd of April.  The method to eliminate the moles will be poison pellets buried deep enough to exterminate the moles and avoid inadvertently injuring a family pet.

HOA Board
Craig Millius
Jimmy Dean
Eric Gottuso
Greg Harr
Gregg Englert