Valley Shores Residents,

Over the last two years lake residents have seen an increase in Sago Pondweed, which is a submerged rooted plant that grows in the shallow areas of the lake.  Our standard algae treatment doesn’t treat for this growth, so the HOA Board asked Nebraska Lakes Management to provide an estimate for the cost of applying a herbicide treatment that would eliminate the Sago Pondweed.  The cost of a single treatment is $3200, and it is probable that it would require a second treatment or spot treatment at an additional cost of $1600.

Because of the substantial expense, as well as some residents desire to keep some or all of the sago pondweed to provide habitat for small fish as well as a nutritional food source for birds, including waterfowl, especially diving ducks and swans, we have elected not to request the herbicide treatment.  However, Nebraska Land Management has provided another option for pond weed herbicide treatment.  Individual lot owners could request treatments for $250 per lot in the event there are at least 10 lots minimum.  Some lakes prefer doing this rather than having the association commit to treating all the lots around the lake.  Please let the board know if you are interested so we can determine if we have the minimum 10 lots necessary to coordinate with Nebraska Lakes Management.

Several residents have expressed concerns about plant growth along their shorelines which is understandable.  However, keep in mind that these plants do provide benefits to water quality and the fishery so it’s not necessarily all bad. If you are concerned about the Sago Pondweed but do not wish to spend $250, your other option is to rake your area with a seaweed rake.  We suggest that you start early and rake multiple times as it appears to be growing in the shallows already.  We recommend that you rake the pondweed onto your beach and allow it to dry out over a period of at least a couple of days.  Once dry it will be easier to manage, if you would like to throw it in your garbage or bury it in the sand.   If you do not have a seaweed rack or if you are unable to manage the task on your own, please reach out to one of your board members for assistance.