Dear Valley Shores Residents,

Following our recent snow event, several homeowners blew or shoveled snow into the street.  As per the City of Valley Ordinance referenced below, it is a misdemeanor offense.   Often it is done after the snow plows have already cleared our streets making it difficult to navigate.  Please do not blow snow or lawn debris into the street.

SECTION 2-128: LAWN DEBRIS, SNOW, GARBAGE, ETC. ON PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY It shall be unlawful to throw, blow, place, discard, or sweep any weeds, grass, leaves, snow, dirt, paper, nails, pieces of glass, refuse, garbage, waste, rubbish or refuse matter of any kind onto any street, alley, park, or other public grounds or, without permission, upon the property of another person in the City. (Ord. No. 271, 8/13/91) (Am. Ord. Nos. 356, 12/10/96; 486, 2/10/04)