Dear Valley Shores Residents,

The VS HOA Board wants to thank those residents who have submitted their names for the Valley Shores HOA Board. Two positions will be open. A Ballot will follow along with Annual Dues Statements.  Each candidate has submitted a brief biography for your consideration.  See Below:

Jimmy Dean – Golf Course Resident

Hello, My name is James Dean and I will be running for the HOA Board for the next term. I have lived in Valley Shores for the past two and half years. I have been married to my wife, Christie, for 26 years. We have one daughter, Megan, who lives in Kansas City and attends UMKC Law School. I own and operate two medical clinics and manage a staff of 22.  I have served on the HOA board for the past 16 months. During this time, I have always had a straightforward and transparent approach. I have worked to make sure we are doing our fiduciary duty, representing the homeowners and serving the best interest of the Valley Shores Sub-Division.  Along with my experience as a business owner and service on the Valley Shore HOA, I also served on the Fire Ridge HOA for 10 prior to moving to Valley, which is one of the largest HOA’s in the Omaha area.  Here are items I worked on during my last 16 months on the HOA:

  • Worked to give each person a vote on the beatification project. (This went on way too long with the HOA).
  • Met with the Mayor and City Council on projects and communicated the information to the neighbors.
  • Worked with the City Planning Board to ensure that the commercial land was NOT rezoned to more multi-family housing.
  • Helped manage the budget and approve the necessary maintenance.
  • Responded to the requests of homeowners to replace the trees on the outside of the neighborhood using the money that was allotted in the budget.
  • Enforced neighborhood covenants.
  • Organized social events including this years Holiday Party.
  • Stared a private neighborhood Valley Shores Homeowners Facebook Page.

Here are some things I would like to work on for the next term:

  • Build a committee to update the covenants
  • Build a committee to come up with three plans for the entire neighborhood to vote on for the boat ramp lot. The plan will make this a much nicer area and work within a budget.
  • Work to come up with better communication on the Valley Shores website (very hard to navigate)
  • Get more neighborhood involvement and collaboration on activities and projects.Continue to work with the City Council and City Planning Board regarding properties that effect our neighborhood
  • Continue to work with The Pines Country Club as we share a boarder to the west.

Eric Gottuso – Lake Resident

My name is Eric Gottuso and I am running for the HOA Board for the next term.  I am a father & stepfather to 7 children. My wife (Teri) and I have 9 grandchildren and we moved back to Nebraska 2 years ago to be closer to our children & grandchildren. I am a Creighton University graduate, a retired business owner, a member of our Boating/Safety Committee, and for the past year, I have served as a at-large member to the HOA Board. As an at-large member to the HOA Board and Boating/Safety Committee member, I have either been involved or worked on the following items for our community.  They are;

  • Opened the boating rules to accept newer advanced boats as more & more boat builders have dropped the boats contained within our covenants.
  • Worked with the HOA Board to complete the latest version of the new Boating rules, which will be coming out soon.
  • As a at-large member to the Board, acted as another set of eyes and ears to the Board and I conveyed to the Board the pulse of the community.
  • Met with the Mayor and the Planning Board to ensure that land around Valley Shores NOT be rezoned to more multi-family housing.
  • Assisted lake homeowners who are looking to buy new boats.

My desire in becoming a HOA Board Member is to serve the community we love. I promise to listen to our neighbors and to do my best to represent those wishes as we tackle the issues of today and in the future. Some of the issues I would like to see addressed are;

  • Work on creating more harmony (alignment) between the lake and golf course residents.
  • Update the present Valley Shores covenants
  • Continue to work with the Mayor & Planning Commission to protect our community and our property values.
  • Create a committee to decide the future of the Boat Ramp lot.

Thank you, for the opportunity to serve you and I hope to earn your vote.

Jeff Schindler – Golf Course Resident

Hi neighbors!  My name is Jeff Schindler and I am asking for your confidence and your vote in the upcoming HOA board election. I am a sales representative for AKRS equipment (John Deere)  and my wife Stacy is a Reading Specialist with Fremont Public Schools. Stacy and I both grew up in the area (graduated from Waterloo High School.)   We have 4 grown children: Tyler, Jake, Samantha and Gabe.  Tyler graduated from DC West in 2015; Jake in 2016.  Samantha graduated from Fremont High School in 2017; Gabe in 2019.  Tyler went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UNO; Jake received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UNL.  Samantha did her undergraduate work at UNK and is currently in her first year of medical school at UNMC; Gabe is a junior at UNL pursuing a degree in business.  We built at 8302 N 281st AVE (lot 103) in 2016 with the intent of this being our last home.  We love the location of being in between both Stacy & my places of work and also still being near our kids as they have left the nest.

My motivations for running for a seat on the HOA board:

  • I consider this position to be a representative of the residents. I would make sure residents’ opinions were a part of every major decision the board was considering.
  • I would like to find a balance between efforts to increase our property value and maintain an affordable living environment.
  • Updating by-laws and covenants. We are a unique community and have outgrown our boiler plate guidelines. To best protect the rights of each resident,  I will work to make this a priority,

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to conversations at future meetings and events.

Anne Taylor –  Resident

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Anne Taylor, I would appreciate your support and your vote for one of the positions opening on the HOA board in 2022.   I live at 28013 Eagle Circle lot 15.

I am married to Jim Taylor; I have two grown children and five not so grown grandchildren.  We have been residents of Valley Shores since 2013.   In my working days I was blessed to be one of three owners of Controlled Comfort a successful heating and conditioning company. I retired in 2017. When we built our home, we were the 49th home and our plans were to retire here and enjoy the outdoors with our family and friends. Which we are doing daily. Now there is 139 completed homes.  This community has come a long way.

Qualifications: My background in managing a successful business is key.  Jim held the Vice President position on the HOA Board for six years and being his spouse, I assisted him and the board with many of the issues and the mechanics of the Home Owners Association. I am very aware of the challenges and what will be expected of me.

Goals: Information to residents should be a keystroke away. I assisted in setting up the Valley Shores website but at that time funding was limited. Hopefully we can upgrade and have info at everyone’s finger tips.

Community involvement helps keep our property values up. We are a lake community and safety is a priority.  I was involved in planning the Christmas Party for several years and would hope to add more family fun activities to our community.

Future Development of surrounding properties is a huge concern. Staying involved with this growth so it enhances our neighborhood is very important.

Updating the by-laws and convenances to meet todays needs.  These documents were created by the developer many years ago.

With the growth of the community and the surrounding area, I feel it is even more important to have a very pro-active and efficient Home Owners Association.  I feel I would be an asset and would very much like to be a part of this organization.

Al Jenkins – Golf Course Resident