Dear Neighbor,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.

The purpose of the Valley Shores Homeowners’ Association is to promote the health, safety, recreation, and welfare to the residents of Valley Shores.  Over the past several years we have heard a good majority of our residents ask about landscaping and beautifying our community. We have discussed in many of our meetings the opportunity to beautify our common areas of Valley Shores, and this was supported by the majority of you at our meetings. At our 2019 Annual HOA meeting we formed a Landscaping and Design Committee. Much time and research were done on reliable vendors and cost for our project by this committee. This information was shared with everyone in prior HOA meetings and posted within our minutes.

Recently there has been a good deal of information shared by residents and others in our community regarding the Beautification Project and the potential sale of the Boat Ramp Lot.   Some of it has been accurate and some of it has not been accurate.  The Valley Shores HOA Board of Directors would like to clear up any misinformation going around about both of these projects. There has been NO DECISION made by the Board of Directors to move forward with either project.  In fact, because of the feedback we received in the May HOA meeting, the Board has put together a survey that should help us understand what residents want to do moving forward.  Please take some time to complete the survey and provide your feedback.  This will give us a better understanding about how the community sees the Beautification and Boat Ramp Lot Sale.  We need your input regarding both projects.

This is the link to take the survey – Valley Shores Homeowner Survey

Only one survey allowed per household. Everyone’s opinion matters and we encourage you to participate. Also included is a fact sheet, proposed landscape design by Ground Builders, several letters from well-respected real-estate agents from our area referencing how landscaping increases our home values and a map of Out lot 2 the boat ramp lot and what the proposed changes would look like if we voted to sell that lot.  Lastly, you may have noticed that the boat ramp lot has been surveyed and staked out, we invite you to stop by and see what the lot would look like if it was sold.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, do not hesitate to reach out to your board members.
More information can be found in this MULTI-PAGE PDF DOCUMENT, regarding realtor and photo information.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and working to keep our community great.

Know the facts on selling the Common Area Boat Ramp Lot

Spring of 2021 a 116-family apartment complex will be built right across the street from the common area known as the boat ramp lot. This will bring challenges for our community in trying to police that area from trespassers. The City of Valley has already told the HOA Board that they will not be sending officers over to arrest trespassers.  HOA Board members were told that it would be up to us, as a community, to police. Being proactive, selling this lot and having a house built on it would greatly reduce the trespassing issues.

NO ONE LOSES ACCESS – All residents will have access to the boat ramp and beach area, this includes golf course residents.  Common area access will be 45 ft. of beach and waterfront; this is more waterfront footage than seven lakeside residents have today.

Selling the boat ramp lot would bring anywhere from $100,000 – $130,000 and provide our HOA a positive cashflow. The funds could be used to beautify our common areas to the North and East and could include a playground/recreation area. This project will increase the values of each of our homes. (See enclosed letters from real estate agents that are number one and three in sales in our Omaha area.)

The sale of this lot will allow us to turn a barren, weed filled eyesore, costing our community over $3,200 annually in upkeep and taxes, into another beautiful home with landscaping that increases the value of our community and produces revenue from another lot paying HOA dues of $790.00.

Times have changed for all of us since we moved to Valley Shores.   The apartment complex built and 116 new families moving into our community will change things.   Selling the lot is a proactive way to address this issue rather than waiting to see what challenges our community may face when we have 200 plus new residents in our neighborhood.  Turning a vacant lot, costing us money, into a residence paying HOA dues, will help increase our home values.  The Valley Shores Golf Course Lot residents will not lose access to the lake.  In fact, there will be 45 ft. of water and beach to enjoy.  This beachfront is more than a few lakeside residents have today. The board feels this is a win, win for everyone in our community.