Good Day Valley Shores Residents,

The HOA Board wants to thank all residents for following our HOA Covenants and making our Valley Shores neighborhood a Beautiful, Safe, place to live.    Summer is near and the weather is finally cooperating.  You may see that because of the warmer weather more residents are out walking their dogs.   This is a good thing for the health of our community and its residents.  Our HOA Board of Directors wants to remind everyone about the rules regarding pets in our community.

Article One section 28 of the Valley Shore HOA Covenant’s:

“There should be allowed not more than three domestic pets per household.  Pets shall be restricted to the Owner’s Lot, on a leash, or be under the direct control of their Owner.  All pet violations should be reported in writing to the Board of Directors of the Association and the local Humane Society.  Owners will be directly liable for any damage or harm caused by unrestricted pets.”

The HOA Board would like to add that pet owners be courteous and clean up after their pets.  Our residents work hard to make their lawns and beaches look nice.  Dog feces needs to be picked up when you are walking.  Let us all keep our pets controlled or on a leash.  This will help everyone enjoy the Summer of 2021.  We sure deserve it after last year!

Best Regards,

Valley Shores HOA Board of Directors

Joe Herman
Craig Millius
James Dean
Gregg Englert
Greg Harr