The fishing season is upon us, please review the updated fishing rules.

Valley Shores Fishing rules and regulations

Updated 12-19-18

Valley Shores has a fish committee to help manage the great fishing we have here.  Members of this committee are Randy Bailey, Doug Gnuse, Ryan Moss, Kyle Reit and Todd Young.  Violations of the established rules will result in a fine of $200 per offense.  Catch and release of all species is encouraged but if you choose to harvest some fish to eat please do so responsibly.  We have a great lake and great place to fish, we are the only ones that can keep it that way.

Species Daily Limit per household Possession Limit per household
Walleye 2 walleye under 18 inches per day. All Walleye over 18 inches are catch and release only. 4
Crappie 5 10


Bluegill 5 10


Catfish 1 2
Bass 2 Bass under 16 inches per day.  All Bass over 16 inches is catch and release only. 4
Wiper Catch and release only Catch and release only


Carp Unlimited Unlimited
Coy Unlimited Unlimited


Fishing is permitted for lots 1-101 and guests for those residents only.  Golf course lots 102-140 do not have fishing privileges at Valley Shores. 

A resident must be present with guests if they are fishing.  A resident will be defined as a person that lives in the home.  If the home is not a permanent residence or multi family dwelling then an owner of the residence is required to be present.

Fish limits are for each lot not for each person.  The home owner will be fined if guests are in violation of the fishing rules and regulations.

Setlines or unattended poles are not permitted.

Please be respectful of the fish and release them back to the water as soon as possible.  As a general rule you should not keep a fish out of the water longer than you can hold your breath.

Please report any concerns you may have to the Valley Shores Board or the Valley Shores Fish Committee.

We would also like to hear updates on the size and numbers of fish you are catching to help make informed decisions when updating the fishing rules and regulations for our lake.  Please email a member of the Fish Committee with your report.

If you would like to add structure to the lake please consult a member of the fish committee for approval before doing so.  We would also be happy to assist you in this.

All of the fish in Valley Shores have been stocked using private donations and the fish fund.  If you would like to make a donation to the Fish Fund please contact a member of the Board or the Fish Committee to discuss how to do this.